K'S Bicycle Workshop is a small independent specialist cycle repair shop based between Highgate and Archway in North London. I specialise in quality repairs and servicing at value for money pricing. I can do while-you-wait jobs like tube and tyre fitting, and brake pad replacements. I can also do a complete strip and rebuild so your machine runs like new. Please ring me, or better still, bring the bike in and tell me what's the problem with your bike and I'll give you an honest assessment what need's fixing and how much it will cost. Below are the standard charges for getting your bike working well. All bikes are different and some will need particular ways of repairing so owners of specialist (and ordinary) machines please ask me what you require and I can give you advice what needs doing and how much it's likely to cost you.

Bicycle Repairs – Pricelist


Service packages

• Standard

Bike wiped down.Check and adjust brakes and gears, true wheels, check and adjust bearings: headset, bottom bracket and wheel hubs, check bolts, pump and lubricate. From £60.00

Standard Plus As Standard but all cables supplied £110.00

Full Strip Down As Standard Plus but including full strip, wash, re-greasing and rebuilding £160.00

Custom Price variable because there are many different types of bikes requiring individual service packages because of the way they are made (steel, alloy, carbon) and the componentry used. £Please ask.

Component repairs and servicing


• replace front or rear brake blocks £6.50 + parts

• replace front or rear brake inner or outer cables £10.00 + parts

• disc pad change £12.00 + parts

• disc brake bleed £30.00 + parts


• gear service £25.00

Tyres and Tubes

• fit new tube front or rear - including Schwalbe or Continental tube (excluding long valves) £16.99

• fit new tube hub gears from £20.00

• fit new tyre from £9.00

Other Work

• replace left-hand crank from £6.00 + parts

• chain replacement from £8.00 + parts

• adjust front or rear cones £10.00

• strip & re-grease front or rear hubs from £15.00

• bottom bracket service from £25.00 + parts

• headset service £25.00 + parts

• fit new front wheel £9.00 + parts

• fit new rear wheel £12.00 + parts

• fit mudguards front & rear £12.00 + parts

• fit rear pannier rack from £5.00 + parts

• replace pedals (pair) £5.00 + parts

• fit stabilisers from £5.00 + parts

• fit computer and setup £10.00 + parts

• building boxed bike from £40.00. Cost dependent on type of bike from basic child's to high-end carbon road bikes or mountain bikes with suspension which can take some hours to get perfect. So please call me, Kleber, tell me what type of bike it is and I'll give you a quote.


These prices are a guide.